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Divorce & Legal Separation
Dissolving a marriage is never easy. Each case is unique and fact-sensitive. Knowledge of the applicable Indiana law is your greatest ally, and it is crucial that you obtain that knowledge from an experienced professional, and not from well-meaning friends, relatives or co-workers. Attorney Johnson was the first woman to practice law in Portage, Indiana. During her 30+ years of experience, she has handled thousands of cases, all the while honing her legal skills - including the ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each case and to adjust the
strategic case plan accordingly.

Child Custody & Support
While property issues are finalized at the time of the divorce, child related issues – such as child custody, support, parenting time, health care expenses, and the allocation of income tax dependency exemptions – remain subject to modification as circumstances change. Whether you find yourself in need of a modification, or you need to defend against a proposed modification, it is important to retain an experienced advocate to assist you.

Family Law Mediation
As an alternative to litigation, mediation provides both parties an opportunity to sit down together with an objective person (the mediator) whose purpose is to assist in the facilitation of an agreement between the parties regarding the outstanding issues, rather than submitting those issues to the Court. Mediation is often required prior to litigation, especially if the parties have requested court time in excess of 2 hours. Attorney Johnson is a certified Family Law Mediator and will be happy to assist you in the mediation process.
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